Tuesday, June 11, 2024


 I don't know about you, but I think the Coral Bell leaves are just gorgeous...and seems like I never get a good image.  This time, I am undecided.  On my phone I like the shot but on 'this' computer, it doesn't look near as good as on my phone.  If I think, I will look on the old computer at some point.


Not much going on here again.  I did a bit of house work, picked up Lorelei from driver's ed, took her home.  She has band practice in the afternoon.


Here is a funny story for you.  The kitty is terrified of Copper.  If she would just meet him, he would be fine.  Except she would probably be wet from head to foot where he smelled her.  But that is another thing to talk about at some point but not now.

Charlie, short for Charlotte, but I call her Kitty.  She comes down here when Copper is in his room, or when he is with his mom.  She was down here messing around when I was headed to go get Lorelei.  She was here by the back door, watching the birds, etc.  As I walked through the kitchen, she heard a noise and thought it was Copper already up here.  She made a mad dash to the stairs.  And I do mean mad dash.  She was going so fast, I really do not know what she was meaning to do, but she hit the 3rd step face first.  

The force she was running with flipped her on up on top of the step....and she sped on upstairs.  I know I cannot explain it to you, but it was just exactly like a cartoon figure would do.  I laughed  and laughed, and the tears were streaming from laughing so hard.  And she wasn't hurt...she is back down here now playing with the cords to the blinds and into this and that.  Now here by me...


  1. Glad Kitty wasn’t hurt. Cats are pretty amazing creatures!

  2. I can see this in my head, and it WOULD be funny! Good thing she is a flexible cat, and not some other kind of pet!

  3. Poor sweet kitty. But it must have been hilarious to watch her hit that step and flip!!

  4. It has been a long time since I laughed enough to make me cry, but I think last time it was the antics of our cat trying to go around a corner so fast that he looked like he was standing still but the legs were going in all directions. So funny, and just like a cartoon :)

  5. You described it perfectly. I can see the whole thing playing out. That would have been funny to watch. I'm glad she wasn't hurt.

  6. I miss the moments of laughing until tears come.. we watched a movie a couple of weeks ago that did that, and it was nice. I can see the cartoon cat doing the tumble/flip and still going...

  7. My pictures never show what I see. I wish they did.
    Our kitties can sure give us some belly laughs!!!

  8. A hearty laugh is always good. Poor Kitty, if she would only give Copper a chance.

  9. That does sound funny. :). Glad she didn't get hurt.

  10. Oh my, she was too fast. I am glad she was not hurt.
    She should give Cooper a chance, they could be good friends.
    Wishing you a great day!

  11. Beautiful leaf detail. Yes, photos always look better when viewed on my iPhone. Apple must use some kind of an algorithm. They're just more dynamic looking, and kind of disappointing when you post them and they don't look as good!

  12. That does sound funny, so pleased she didn't get hurt.

    All the best Jan


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