Saturday, June 20, 2015

Like sunshine

One of my volunteer sunflowers has this bloom...sunflowers are almost like sunshine you can touch. They are the most cheerful blossom!
I got the backing for the baby quilt made today.  But not going to work on getting the quilt sandwich together right yet.  We will have Lorelei next week so will just wait till after she is gone. 

I have also taken the rest of the batiks for Daughter's quilt and assigned them to either have a light triangle or a dark triangle.  I do want to try to start cutting the jewel pieces.  I have the triangles cut, just need to cut the bigger pieces.

It is not so hot here today...has stayed overcast the entire day.  It has really been nice to sit outside, but instead I was down in the basement working with material:)


CountryMum said...

I do so love sunflowers. They are so vibrant and cheery.

Judy said...

I planted sunflowers and I can't wait to show how I'm going to display them. I need to get the backing for a quilt I made for our grandson who is now in a toddler bed.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Sunshine indeed. Hug B

Small City Scenes said...

I like Sunflowers too. We didn't plant any this year because we have so many volunteers. We arranged the volunteers in 4 rows and they are all doing great. We have two vols at the front of the house also and they are already huge with many buds.
Pure sunshine