Sunday, June 16, 2024

A finish

 This is the latest finished puzzle... I wish I had taken photos of all that I have finished till I would have a record of them.  But I didn't and there is no going back and doing it.                                                                     

***********                                                                                                                      I have not did much this day.  I needed to get gas this morning and forgot.  I have been debating on going back and getting it or just waiting.  I am afraid since it is Father's Day that the gas station would be super busy.  So I will decide to wait till in the morning.  Then a bit later, I will think do I really want to wait till tomorrow, because I have dermotologist's appt tomorrow.  It is not till 12:30, but in the best of times I cannot make the drive in under an hour and a half.  I  just now checked INDOT's road closings and restrictions, and one that was closed is now open I guess.  I don't know if I dare trust it or not.  It showed it closed just the other day. 

I will be so glad when it is over, as there are two or three things I am concerned a bit about.  I don't really sit and worry about them...not even like now.  But I do dread appts.  No matter what they are for.  Even to get my hair cut.  Is anyone else like that? 

Anyway, another example of my drives me crazy.   I do think I will just wait now that I know the one road is open.   

I have sat outside and read a little while...and just enjoyed being still...I think I will check on Roger and head upstairs and sew a little bit.  Or just mess around with things.


  1. What a neat puzzle. You could frame it!
    Be safe on your travels to the doctor. I will not do Interstates at all!! If I can't get there with side roads, I aint going!

  2. So are you keeping the doctor appointment? If so, please let me know how it went! Yes, I don't like appointments. Not really even to get my haircut. LOVE the puzzle!

  3. I do like the puzzle.
    Hope your appointment goes well.
    Sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  4. Awesome puzzle. It looks like quite a difficult one to do.
    Best of luck with your appointment tomorrow. I always get "butterflies" before an appointment, then look back afterwards and wonder why LOL. Hope it goes well for you :) xx

  5. I took dread appts, especially the ones where I have to take Bob to his appts. your day sounds a lot like mine, should I do this or that or wait or not wait, should I wash the sheets today? yesterday I was supposed to mop the floors and forgot until it was to late. I think it is now 10 days since I mopped. sounds like we are living The Life ha ha

  6. I don't like appointments either. If it's something I have to do at a certain time I find it bothersome.
    I'm a horrible procrastinator so I've often needed to go for gas but put it off because I can do it tomorrow.

  7. I like the owls and puzzle.
    I hope all goes well with your appointment.
    Take care, enjoy your day and have a great week!

  8. I’ve been reading outside lately too. So lovely!

    My husband is always anxious over appointments and driving to and from them. Me, not so much.

  9. I don't care for appointments either!!
    Hope all went well at the doctors.

  10. Nice puzzle!! I start dreading appointments a week before the date then that morning I'm like Do I really need to go? Of course I do, or I wouldn't have made the appointment. I hope yours goes well.

  11. Messing around sounds like a good thing to do..I'm Really Good at that myself..haha..
    Hope your appointments went well and you got your gas too.

  12. Like you, I understand the doctor’s desire to spend time with a grandchild. It is special and so short.

    Cute video!


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