Tuesday, June 18, 2024

New kid on the block

 Another daylily is blooming and it is totally gorgeous.  It makes my heart sing when I go out and look at it.


The trip to the dermatologist was so easy.  I was really dreading the drive.  I did have to pause once because a new power line pole was being put in.  But the road that said it had been closed the day before...I could see no place where work had been done.  Maybe it was utility work.  

In town it had said this one highway was down to one lane.  Which I thought meant flagmen.  No...it went from 4 lanes down to two lanes, and it had meant just one lane going each way.  It can be a rather busy place sometimes, and I was really dreading it if it were a flagman.  

So I was there early, the girl that registers me said I might be waiting a while.  (I was at least half an hour early)  But i had rather be there early as to wait and have to rush to try to get there.  So I no more than sat down till I was called back.  I figured that I would get back there and have to wait.

Wrong again...my dr. came in and the places I was concerned about she froze them.  She doesn't think they are anything, but if they come back, call and come in again. During this she told me it was her last day...she is quitting/retiring till she can babysit her granddaughter.  She had wanted to quit last year, but could not find someone to take over the practice and she did not want to leave us, her patients, without anyone.  As it is it is a nurse practitioner and and a Physicians asst.  

She and her husband have an apt in New Jersey, their granddaughter goes to preschool a couple hours a couple days a week, they go get her and then babysit her the rest of the week.  She was so happy -- it was contagious.  I will really miss her, but oh, her granddaughter is only little once.  I would not give up the time I had with Lorelei when she was a baby for any amount of money...


It poured the rain this morning...and is overcast again.  but we did have a bit of sun at one point.  I have done a couple loads of laundry, vacuumed upstairs, trying to declutter more stuff from out room.  I just don't have a lot left to get rid of.  

I wish there was a way to insert short videos...I will see if I can leave a link.  Apparently THIS horse THIS horse loves his/her farrier.  Even Roger found it funny.  It cracks me up.


  1. That daylily is perfection! What a beautiful colour - I also felt happy when looking at it (and that is just a photo!).
    I'm so glad your appointment went well, and a bonus that the roads were all good too :) xx

  2. So will you stay with this practice, and did she tell you anything about her replacement?

  3. Video is very cute. Hopefully you can find a new specialist doctor. If we're lucky there is a specialist in Medford (30 minutes away) otherwise we have to go to Eugene (2+ hours away). Most of the offices around here have several nurse practitioners associated with a single doctor - you rarely see the actual doctor.

  4. So glad things went well for you. (I did say a little prayer for you). :)

  5. That horse is hilarious. It obviously likes having its hoofs worked on. Maybe it's like having your back scratched. LOL

    I'm glad you appt went well.

  6. Love the lily, it's so pretty.
    How wonderful that your doctor can retire and be able to spend so much time with her granddaughter.
    You lucked out on how quickly you got there, and then got in and out.

  7. Your daylily is beautiful! I am glad your appointment went well.
    Take care, have a great day!

  8. I love the video and the farrier makes me laugh, he just keeps working and saying stop that, the horse knows he doesn't mean it. happy days when a derm doc visit is only frozen thingys. I find that being early about 95 percent of the time, I go back so quickly I am out by the time of my appt

  9. What a lovely day lily..love the color. Great video of the farrier too. Made me smile. Good going on the dermatologist appointment. Freeze is so much better than the alternative. Hope you will be happy with the new doctor. Its hard when things change.

  10. A very nice lily.
    I'm pleased your dermatologist appointment went well.

    All the best Jan


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