Monday, June 24, 2024

From Eagle Creek Nursery

This is another flower from the Eagle Creek Nursery.

It is another hot day here in Indiana...I did get out this morning and pull some thistles out of the flowers.  I don't think they are the big pretty kind.  I sure would like to see some of them blooming.  

I did a bit of housework...vacuuming, laundry, etc.  I have not made it up to sew a single stitch.  I need to give Roger his meds and I will basically be done for the night except for a snack for him later.

How was your day?  Did you do anything fun?  I did enjoy your answers to the term you use for being very tired.  I use worn to a frazzle, exhausted, too weary to do another thing...and more besides.  Every evening about this time, I feel that way, but sometimes if I rest, I will feel like doing something more.


  1. Gorgeous bloom. Have a good rest, my friend!

  2. One of my terms would be "Too pooped to pop". Gorgeous flowers!

  3. I had a busy Monday but it was a good one. The supper I made was less than great...I have to learn to stick to tried and true recipes instead of new ones that are usually more work and often not good ( this applies mainly to savoury dishes. Almost all my sweet baking tastes fine).

  4. Such a beautiful flower. I wasn't very ambitious yesterday as it was my day off.

  5. Lovely bloom, the color is pretty. It has been dry and hot here.
    Take care, have a great day!

  6. right now I am thinking I am to tired to tango! got up at 3:30, late for me, took the thyroid pill, have to wait an hour to take bp pill and drink first sip of coffee. stepped out of bed at 4:30 and vertigo hit. staggered to kitchen took pill, and coffeed downed a dizzy pill, back to bed, up at 4:45 the pill started working at 5, sat on sofa until 6:15, walked dog, ran to pot with upset stomach a few times because I ate PIZZA. found 3 potted bushes at the curb that I wanted, came home from walk, forced bob to go with me to lift the bushes in the car, he cut his arm doing it, came home transplanted the begonia to the pretty pot, sat the pot on the bench on the porch, got the stuff to clean the white bench, first swipe accross the back, disturbed 2 dozen wasp that had built their home on the back of the bench, brought two inside and killed with the cleaning rag. and now I am to tired to tango and still have the bench to clean and the bushes to deal with. that will wait until tomorrow...

  7. The bloom is gorgeous. I've been enjoying working on my cross stitch. It is very slow going though.

  8. Pretty flower! I haven't sewed in a while; I'm trying to pick up a yarn project that I've been wanting to work on.

  9. The bloom is so pretty. Love the color.
    Yesterday was the first day in over a month that I worked pulling weeds in our jungle. No ill effects for my back..yay... came inside and was a blob for the rest of the evening besides doing 2 loads of laundry and cleaning the kitchen.
    Last night was the first night in probably a month that i slept straight through until 7:30am this morning. I do feel like a different person after undisturbed sleep.

  10. What a gorgeous colour for a flower. I usually do most of my chores as early as possible in the day as the evening always finds me drooping. I put it down to being a morning person, not a night owl. Mxx

  11. We were lucky, there was a refreshing rain yesterday and tonight so the garden doesn't need watering and the air is very refreshing this morning.
    I'm going to cut the last of the rhubarb and make some jam with some strawberries... I'm really looking forward to it... so let's get to work.
    Viola sends you happy greetings
    p.s. If there is enough rhubarb I will bake a rhubarb cake tomorrow morning. Hug to you - may my joy infect you!

  12. A beautiful flower from the Eagle Creek Nursery.

    All the best Jan


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