Saturday, June 22, 2024



I for on the computer to check the weather...instead of checking my phone.  Imagine my surprise when this popped up.  It even has the right date and everything.  But that is not what cracked me up.

I got my kindle and went outside to read, and had nor more than sat down till the ice cream van was coming through the neighborhood.  He goes so fast, kids do not have time to get out to get anything.  But anyway, guess what song he was playing?

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.  I

 laughed till I cried.  I told my daughter how appropriate.  Sometimes simple things like that strike me so funny, and at other times not so much.  But add to that my daughter was trying a new sprinkler, and Copper has to help test it out.  So was laughing at him, too.  I need to try to get a video of that.

It is actually 91° it is warm.


  1. Oh that is so funny. I would have been laughing right along with you!!!

  2. Maybe he was trying to put people in a chilly frame of mind!

  3. How funny. Maybe the ice cream man read the same
    I had a dog who used to love to play in the sprinkler. A video of Copper would be great.

  4. I am smiling because you were laughing and that is GREAT news! Copper is a clown and well worth his weight in gold, just for making you laugh. I wonder if the ice cream guy saw the temp thing and chose Rudolph because of it, also wondering what happened to the weather widget

  5. That is funny! I would like to see Cooper playing with sprinkler.
    Take care, enjoy your day and have a great week ahead.

  6. Quite a coincidence. Setting the scene for people to feel cool!

  7. Too, too funny! Crazy..I guess that proves that everything isn't real if you read it on the internet... Funny about the ice cream song too. Maybe aliens landed and you are now in the frozen tundra..haha

  8. You had a funny day but goodness at 91°F a very hot one!

    All the best Jan


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